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While focusing on the reader, I aim to create a precise and clean text for either patient-facing or specialist-facing content. My background includes medical training in Geneva, Switzerland, as a native German speaker, and 15 years of clinical practice in the UK before becoming a full-time linguist. Now a freelance translator, I have worked on assignments for industry and private customers alike and feel competent as well as comfortable in producing medical translations of high standards.


I am offering my expertise in the fields of clinical, commercial and academic medicine for translations from English into German. My speciality covers clinical content as well as general Health topics relating to nutrition, fitness or rehabilitation. Written formats may include research papers, publications, reports, letters, leaflets but also general promotional material. In addition, documents written in medical French can also be submitted for translation.


As a patient service, I provide translations of personal Medical Notes from German or French into English. These can include clinic letters, radiology reports or discharge summaries after hospital admissions, even handwritten notes. As the author of many such letters myself, I have an excellent perception of its content and objectives. This service is of particular advantage for British customers who need their foreign medical information adapted to the National Health Service (NHS).


“How can you translate an ECG report, if you don’t know how to read an ECG?”


Translating a medical Text

Translating medical content into German


When translating medical literature, there are a few important points to consider. It goes without saying that medical content, due to its close relationship with human lives, holds a special place among the scientific disciplines. An error in a medical text could potentially have repercussions beyond financial loss.  For that reason all possible precautions should be taken when writing, publishing and distributing medical literature or correspondence, this includes translating into a different language.

A second point I would like to mention is that of confidentiality. The same rules apply for translators as they do for healthcare personnel when it comes to writing, distributing and storage of clinical notes or patient documents. In our age of digital patient records, particular care is required for the handling of such information. Recommendations in health data governance, such as the Caldicott Principles in the UK, must be applied when handling confidential personal details.

For that reason, when it comes to medical translations, it is essential to employ not only a linguist but an expert with profound knowledge of the content matter as well as the correct handling thereof.


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