A new beginning – Retour à la nature

We have Liftoff:

Just like Jean Jaques Rousseau recommended, I have turned my back to the crowds and moved into the countryside. And I don’t mean moving (from Tooting) to Haslemere – no, after 7 rainy summers and a Brexit vote I have had the courage to leave everything behind and move to Slovenia.
I ended up in a small town called Ptuj; an obvious choice, as it is the hometown of my partner. Whilst based here we plan to investigate the area with view of buying a house somewhere in the future.
So let the free and virtuous life begin?

I decided to combine my two skills, medicine and languages to become a freelance translator. This sounds very exciting, but it’s gonna be hard work to build a decent portfolio and get some regular clients.

First task: WEBSITE:  –> ticked