Summer 2017 Slovenia

Goodbye summer

Summer is over, time to take stock All good things come to an end, so does my first summer in Slovenia – and what a summer it has been: blue skies, temperatures in the high 30ies and mighty thunderstorms – just as I remember it from my childhood in Switzerland. Not ending, however, is my […]

remove the stigma attached to diseases

Language without the stigma

Terminology can affect patients Words that stigmatise affect patients, relatives and healthcare workers in their perception of a disease. It can influence the behaviour of an entire society towards an illness. The stigma endured by patients with substance related problems can prevent them from seeking help and add an unnecessary psychological burden. I am talking about […]

medical translations

What is a STEMI in German?

Even though the German doctors talk of EKG instead of ECG, and are proud to see this shortening being used across the Atlantic too, the more modern nomenclature concerning the heart tracing, especially its abbreviations come from the US and seem to be adopted in German without hesitation. Germany has played a major role in the history […]