How to find motivation, if you’re stuck

Do you ever lack motivation?

Most of us can relate to moments when we run out of ideas.
When our brain refuses to work – not just when translating, but in other areas of freelancer life as well.

What are the reasons for this blockade?

Over-analysing Things. You are afraid to make a decision you continue weighing up different options, but you can’t move forward.

The perfectionist. You refuse to move on from one sentence until you feel it’s just right.

Your Idea is too vague. Without any clarity of how to tackle the project ahead, you are unable to move forward and keep changing direction.

Never satisfied. Your requirements are never met (improving skills, needing more money) preventing you from doing a particular action.

You keep comparing yourself with others. Feeling like you lack individuality and everything you want to create has already been done by someone else. Feeling that everybody else is better at that task than you are.

Too much info. You feel overwhelmed by the sheer mountain of advice, and don’t know how to tackle the project.

I can relate to many reasons from that list. In fact, I get bogged down with minor details and often end up over analysing things. Therefore losing valuable time. Confidence is not a particular strength of mine, and I keep comparing my skills with others – thinking that mine are crap.

Here is a tip for getting started

But whatever the reason, being stuck will hold you back in any work environment, especially in the freelancing world where you need to keep those projects coming and meet deadlines.
Here is a little tip:

“Simply Do it” – without thinking of the quality.

Some freelance coaches go as far as saying “Invite Failure” whereas my personal toned down version is: “Embrace Failure”. This concept is often referred to as “Imperfect Action”. Once you have overcome the initial hurdle your race is half won – just accept mediocrity and say “I do this for myself.”
As a result, this mindset will change your attitude towards the work and motivate you along the way.

The essence of imperfect action is mostly used with creative projects, but it can be employed for any work.

overcome the hurdle
Just get started – Imperfect Action

The psychology behind Imperfect Action is very simple:

Creating Momentum

As I mentioned earlier, some people don’t take action because they feel inadequate to please others. But you may never please others until you start taking action.

I have experienced that a vague goal becomes clearer by merely starting to work. And a more definite goal then gives me the motivation to continue. This wheel of positive feedback accelerates and before I notice – the job is done.

Confidence and Self-esteem

Taking one small step can give you the confidence to take a second, slightly more significant step. Even better, try stepping further, perhaps even out of your comfort zone. You will find that your comfort zone will increase.

Learn as you do things

We learn by doing things, not by planning them. Do you think you lack the skills to tackle the project? Start doing it. But Keep in mind that the result will be an imperfect version. Certainly, your brain will go into learning mode.


As well as acquiring new skills, you’ll learn a lot about yourself when you delve into action. Trying out new skills and tackling new projects will help define your personality. Hence, gives you insight into how you react in certain situations.

Finally, keep in mind that Imperfect Action doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t aim for excellence. The end product will likely need refining and editing (For instance, you should always check your translation for quality). But this very mindset is a facilitator to get you going and overcome paralysis. And, to lose the feeling that you are only allowed to join the club if you are perfect.

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