"To produce a true medical translation you need profound knowledge of the topic and understand how clinical reasoning is applied."

About Me

medical translator english to german
medical translations from English to German

My Medical Career

Ever since I was a little boy I had a taste for foreign languages. I loved to watch Italian cartoons or tried to translate jokes inside the Carambar wrapper (a French candy). Perhaps the reason I ended up studying Medicine “en français” at the University of Geneva where I graduated with the “Swiss Federal Diploma of Physician” in 1999. Shortly after graduation, I moved to the UK where I worked for 15 years as a doctor for the NHS, gaining experience in various specialities such as geriatrics, surgery, paediatrics, gynaecology, emergency medicine and general practice.

My Freelance Linguist Career

Translating medical reports into German was initially on a voluntary basis for the NHS but has gradually become a big part of my professional life, and I started charging for my services. Particular interests of mine are Health Information Technologies and the processing of Medical Data for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. Having left the hustle and bustle of London, I am now living part-time in Slovenia, working as a freelance translator, cycling through nature, making cheesecake and getting familiar with my first Slavic language.

Pricing for Medical Translations

Translation Rates

Patient Notes

For Single Med Documents or UK Patient Documents
  • up to 700 words

  • with signed certification

  • electronically deliverd

Medical Translations

£0.09 / word
Suitable for Medical Documents with Larger Content
  • Prices may vary depending on:

  • Complexity of syntax or technicality

  • Deadline for completion

  • Volume of work

General Translations

Great fixed price for general Content
  • up to 1000 words

  • General Content includes:

  • marketing research

  • websites/blog

What goes through the mind of a Medical Translator

My Blog

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