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Medical Content

From a “step by step” user guide of a fever thermometer to a clinical research paper, medical writing covers a vast area. Depending on the target audience, terminology and level of jargon, the content can become very expert and scholarly. Through training and practice I have become accustomed to all levels of the medical discourse and developed ways on how and where to obtain more in-depth information, should it be required.

How do I translate

Once I have familiarised myself with the content and established the objectives and target audience, I start the translation process. I follow the concept of paraphrasing in German the discourse of the source text, rather than translating word by word. At the same time keeping the language clear and exact. With regards to measurements in the medical fields, most units are standardised internationally, however, should it be necessary I will convert any imperial units into the commonly used metric equivalent.


Medical Categories


PharmacologyHospital IT systemsInfectious diseases
PathophysiologyDigital Patient RecordsPublic Health
OrthopaedicsClinical Data GovernanceFood supplements
CardiologyHealth ApplicationsRehabilitation
EndocrinologyWebsitesmedical equipment
Gynaecology Med specific SEO Nutrition
PaediatricsLaboratory software Fitness
General Practice Diagnostic aids Workout



Translation services offered For
English > German
French > German

 Although aspiring to be, I’m no Goethe1 and should a client require a translation of  a ‘rose smelling’ romantic text, it would likely end up as an olfactory analysis of geranyl acetate.2


  1. Johann Wolfgang Goethe, German poet 1749-1832
  2. colourless liquid with a pleasant floral or fruity rose aroma