Here are some of the most popular questions about my translation services

How do I get a quote?

Just send me an email with some information about the content including word count, and I will give you an estimated price. Ideally, attach the source document to the email so I can analyse the document with my CAT tool and give you a break down of all repetitions and context matches. I will not charge for repetitions or 100% matches.

Is my personal data secure?

Your data is encrypted and secured on my hard drive. I will delete all data after 6 month unless this is an ongoing project and future translations might benefit from price reductions due to repetition and/or content matches. You can request to retain the data on my storage or you can request to receive the TM (Translation Memory – SDL Trados format) to be used for future projects with me or other translators.
If I involve a third party for proofreading and/or quality assurance, I will remove all personal data from the document.

How long will it take to get a translation?

An urgent translation of up to 2000 words (source text) can be done within 24 hours. Note that, ideally, a further 24 hours are required to go through the quality assurance process.

Will you be using Machine Translation?

All content is created by myself and I do not use any machine translation such as Google Translate which stores the content in their servers.

What CAT tool do you use?

I use SDL Trados studio for my translations and the calculation of the translation cost.

Can I have a copy of your CV?

Sure, download the pdf file here.

Do you work for Agencies?

I do, I have a selection of agencies that send me regular work. If you are an agency and would like to discuss an assignment, get in touch via email.

Are the rates negotiable?

Depending on urgency and technicality (i.e. how much research is needed) the price of a translation varies. If the translation project consists of regular work, prices can be negotiated.

Do you provide SEO services in German?

I have a good understanding of on-page optimisation for search engines such as keyword research and latent semantic indexing.

Can you localise to Switzerland?

I can indeed, and being Swiss certainly helps. Don’t get me to yodel, though.

Do you provide a Transcription Service for Audio?

I can transcribe high German and Swiss Dialects into written German.

Do you do Subtitling?

I do provide subtitling for videos in the Health sector.

Are you also an Interpreter?

No, I focus on the written side of translating.

Do you follow Diversity and Equality principles?

Equality and diversity are central and pervasive issues for me in my capacity as a blogger and service provider. Here is my statement.

What is the name of your Schnauzer?

His name is Atlas.